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wilmarose & joe / beach vibes

Chaz Cruz

I had first met Wilmarose and Joe when I photographed their wedding day over 4 years ago, I didn't expect it to become such a great friendship (with Joe and myself anyway) and through the years we've had more shoots, worked together, hung out together and they are basically my family now. So when they asked me to do their anniversary/maternity (if you wonder why her skinny self is holding her belly all the time, yes, she is pregnant) I of course jumped at the chance. So enjoy the photos and to my dudes, sorry, as Joe will make you feel fat. Like he made me feel once he took his shirt off, haha.

modern romance at the sky gallery

Chaz Cruz


Hey all, come see me and some other amazing New York photographers exhibit our take on Modern Romance at the Sky Gallery on August 4th. Click on the image below to be taken to the Facebook invite:
I've been interviewing my subjects on their takes on modern dating, especially those focused on dating apps such as Tinder, etc. I've had some heartwarming and heartbreaking stories, come see some of the faces on August 4th.
Exhibit description below:
"Modern Romance is a living exhibit by The Brooklyn Collective to appear at multiple venues. It is an exploration of the changing cultural landscape as technology redefines human interaction and romance. At our inaugural event at the Sky Gallery, we will be exhibiting new collections, all seen for the first time."

megan & adam / coast to coast

Chaz Cruz

Megan & Adam might be the world's most photographed couple (well besides celebrities) and for good reason, they just look so good, haha. Megan and Adam were visiting New York from Los Angeles and asked me to photograph them in Brooklyn. They had this amazing sublet in Greenpoint and I was excited to start there and then go around the neighborhood. Also, be sure to check out Megan's photography and Adam's videography, such a perfect pair. 


the zamora family / bring the clouds

Chaz Cruz

A few weeks ago, the Zamora's came down from the Bay area to soak in the SoCal shine, but the day before their shoot, they brought the rain from NorCal. However when it cleared the day of their session, they brought the epic clouds that I wish would show up everytime I venture out with my camera. We met up in Coronado for the family portraits and amazingness ensued, enjoy.