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the zamora family / bring the clouds

Chaz Cruz

A few weeks ago, the Zamora's came down from the Bay area to soak in the SoCal shine, but the day before their shoot, they brought the rain from NorCal. However when it cleared the day of their session, they brought the epic clouds that I wish would show up everytime I venture out with my camera. We met up in Coronado for the family portraits and amazingness ensued, enjoy.

the flores family / people of color, literally

Chaz Cruz

I jokingly asked if I should write the blog post for our family photos as a "guest blogger" and Chaz responded with a sure, whatever. Ummmm, I think I was just kidding? But he must have known that I have no problem chatting away during any chance I get. So here I am. In Chaz' studio listening to cool music that I'm not hip enough to know about on my own surrounded by beautiful pieces of art while I try to find the words to explain how pleased, no, how thrilled I am with the result of these photos. *deep breath* Here's the short version of us, the Flores older brother and his wife moved to Hawaii about a year and a half ago and had a baby. We are all completely in love with said baby and longed for their visit to San Diego this year. Perfect timing for updated family portraits to include baby Eliana since she wasn't around last year. We wanted the photos to be completely out of this world amazing so we can show Eliana when she's older that we were in fact, pretty cool at one point. We wanted to stay away from anything traditional. With lots of color. Lots of laughs. And as much realness as possible. Enter, Mr. Chaz Cruz.



Marissa writes too much. Enjoy. - Chaz

The next two shots are taken by my amazing assistant, Mr. Kim Marcelo.

roses on the beach

Chaz Cruz

I traveled up to Dana Point for a family session with amazing wedding photographer Ashley Rose, her husband Jeff and their little dude named Crew (oh what, J + Crew! Ashley doesn't work in this joke). We headed down to Salt Creek Beach and proceeded to get attacked by the sun, I think I did more crying than Crew did. But we had a blast and I am now witness to Crew's famous blank camera stare which I so happily captured. Enjoy some of my favorites from the day.