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kathrina & joe / through the dark

Chaz Cruz

After a months long stint in California for a bunch of shoots, I had an opportunity to meet up with some photo friends in Los Angeles before I headed back to New York. Two of those photo friends were a couple, Joe + Kathrina. I had met them a few years back when I had a double wedding weekend and each of them assisted me for one of my weddings. They were relatively new to the industry and myself, having a few years under my belt by then, I thought the best way to help them understand the industry was to always have a never ending drive and passion for the craft.

Seeing them grow since 2011 has been exciting, all the people they have assisted and all the couples with whom they have shown their honest love, truly reflects their desire for each other as well as their photography. So in my little room at The LINE Hotel in LA, we ditched the conventions and just had fun. The way love is supposed to be.
With a little confetti help from Lydia of Ever Ours to finish off the shoot.

With a little confetti help from Lydia of Ever Ours to finish off the shoot.