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the couples questionnaire

Here are a few questions I'd like you and your partner to answer before we photograph, these are questions which will let me get to know you a bit more personally and I can also look for these traits.

You should answer them separately and on your own time, so that your partner doesn't see your answers. This form does not save your answers if you leave the browser, so you may want to copy and paste from a savable document if you feel that it might take you a while. Happy answering!


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Partner's Name
Describe your partner in one word and scour the internet for a picture that best describes that word (copy and paste the URL for the image).
What song do you believe defines your relationship (not your first dance song)?
Send me your favorite candid photo of your partner and explain why. You can copy and paste the URL or email me the photo at
What movie best describes your relationship?
When you're feeling down, what does your partner do to make you feel better?
lets get social!
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