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Chaz Cruz

A while back, I met with one of past brides, Keri, to chat all things creative. We talked about her passion project that she created with her friend Shelby, which was about creating an outlet for brides who just wanted more options when it comes to wedding wear. So Ceremonia was born. We had the same vision of vintage inspired weddings with a modern twist, so we put together a team to showcase some of the exclusive collections that they handpicked from Brooklyn based designers. So last month, we met at 501 Union to photograph the collection as well as just have some fun. I teamed up with Keri and her team (Eva and Tim), hair and makeup artist Kelsey Olivia, models Abby and Noelle, as well as my photo duo Sheena and Justin. Check out some of my favorite shots below as well as the exclusive collections on the Ceremonia website. At the bottom of the post is a link to Justin's blog, which has some awesome behind the scenes shots from the shoot.

modern romance at the sky gallery

Chaz Cruz


Hey all, come see me and some other amazing New York photographers exhibit our take on Modern Romance at the Sky Gallery on August 4th. Click on the image below to be taken to the Facebook invite:
I've been interviewing my subjects on their takes on modern dating, especially those focused on dating apps such as Tinder, etc. I've had some heartwarming and heartbreaking stories, come see some of the faces on August 4th.
Exhibit description below:
"Modern Romance is a living exhibit by The Brooklyn Collective to appear at multiple venues. It is an exploration of the changing cultural landscape as technology redefines human interaction and romance. At our inaugural event at the Sky Gallery, we will be exhibiting new collections, all seen for the first time."


Chaz Cruz

Last month, Natalie and I traveled to Ireland. It was my first time in Europe and it was in the land that birthed Irish whiskey and Guinness. What could be better? I wanted to take more photographs of everything but I just had to put the camera's down and have it all sink in. So apologies for the randomness, but no apologies in featuring my girlfriend Natalie in the majority of these photos. All taken with either my iPhone or FujiX100.