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maddy & paul / stars and skies

Chaz Cruz

When Maddy and Paul came in and told me how close they lived to Pok Pok in Brooklyn and said they would put my name down whenever I wanted, I had to make sure to photograph their wedding (still haven't collected on that guys). But really, these two are the sweetest and they brought everyone to share in their love. They even took me down to Love Lane, fitting, especially for them. Enjoy their photos and thanks to Shannon Sturgis for photographing this one with me.

cynthia & eli / away we go

Chaz Cruz

What happens when you put together a dope couple with a dope venue? You get a dope wedding. Cynthia and Eli's love for each other is apparent in every look and glance and it was my pleasure to capture it all. It also doesn't hurt that Refinery29 featured them as one of five of the best NYC weddings of 2014 and that they were also featured on Brooklyn Bride. With an all star team Brooklyn team of Naturally Delicious, August Sage & Violet, Morgan Gates, and Styles on B under the roof of 501 Union, I knew it was going to be just that. A big thanks to Silvia Foz for manning the 2nd camera and my favorite sprite of a videographer, Courtney of Love + Brain Films for capturing the moving love (see her highlight reel at the end of the post).