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Chaz Cruz

Jen and Dan had a wedding theme near and dear to my heart, beer. Lovely lovely beer. We photographed their first look at the Pearl Hotel in Point Loma then headed off for more formals at, you guessed it, a bar. Toronado in North Park were gracious enough to host us and the bridal party. Then we headed over to the Oceanview Room Naval Sub Base for the ceremony and reception. A big thanks to Marissa Rodriguez for photographing with me and getting some great shots with Dan and the boys.

First look.

Oh Dan, big fail, haha.

Loved how they had their guests throw the little rug pom poms, I had to have them throw them at me. Also, if you're wondering why there are more guys in the bridal party, Jen had some "bro-maids" in the lighter grey suits. It was great, except that I kept forgetting to call them bro-maids and ended up calling them brides-dudes.

To the left is Tyler Cristobal, he designed the coaster and Jen & Dan mask illustrations.